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  • Sydney Doyle

Remote Work, Returning to the Office and One Person : One Camera

As Summit continues to grow alongside our clients, we are always happy to share what we've learned and what we're up to as a team. We hope you find this letter useful and informative. This newsletter was written by our teammate Sydney Doyle!

Remote First? Or Reining it in?

As companies in the Bay Area start to file their taxes they are also asking where did everyone go? Companies with people who have moved out of state might be asking their employees to move back to a compliant state soon.

Another big question is will your company be remote friendly or remote first?

When Are We Going Back to the Office?

As we reach the one-year mark of working from home, everyone seems to be wondering: when will we return to the office? While some companies have penciled in July or September others have yet to set a timeline. A theme that we continue to see is the need for flexibility with opportunities to connect and collaborate.

This Global Workplace Report from Steelcase dives into the different factors that impact workplace satisfaction and engagement and gives a glimpse of what the future may hold. Flexibility will be key but people are looking forward to returning to the office in some capacity - whether it be for social interaction, collaboration, technology resources, increased productivity or just a much-needed break from the home office.

As the vaccine roll out continues, we are left wondering... when will we hit the vaccination peak? Spring, Summer, Fall? This will certainly have an impact on when people feel comfortable getting back to the workplace routine.

One Camera : One Person

As a general rule for virtual meetings, it is best to keep this tip in mind: one camera for one person. This helps to keep everyone engaged and allows others to see your facial expressions and non-verbal cues. It also supports safe social distancing if you happen to be in person with a colleague as we begin to return to the workplace.

If you’re still on the lookout for a webcam check out these reviews and recommendations.

Happy Birthday Summit!

This month we are celebrating seven years of Summit Construction Management. We are proud to be women-owned and excited to celebrate Women in Construction Week next week from March 7th-13th.

We are also looking forward to International Women’s Day on Monday, March 8th! What are you doing to celebrate the women in your life?

Additionally, Team Summit Is Focusing Time Offline On:

Shredding the gnar! Skiing has been a treat this winter. Outdoor time has never been better. If you have never skied before check out this deal at Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in Tahoe.

Recipe of the Week:

We're making Coxinha. They're a delicious Brazilian chicken coquette. If you've never tried them, and are a little adventurous be sure to try them out.



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