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  • Omar Ramirez

Educational Spaces, Technology Tools, and Subleasing

In order to support the bay area Workplace community, Summit has put together a summary of the most relevant Workplace related items for construction and workplace professionals. This week’s digest will focus on:

  1. Schooling From Home & Educational Space Adaptation Beyond Covid

  2. The Technology Tools You Need Now

  3. How To Prepare Your Space For Sublease

Feel free to respond to this letter to ask questions or request more information on any of these topics.

Schooling From Home and Educational Space Adaptation Beyond Covid

Six months ago none of us thought we'd be schooling out kids from home in September...but that's exactly what many of us are doing. We're doing our best but, thankfully, there's a lot of guides coming out to help parents navigate uncharted territory. Perhaps also there is an opportunity for improvement of how we educate as well? This SF Chronicle article looks at some possible positive adaptations we can learn from this experience, including more time outdoors.

The Technology Tools You Need Now

We've all experienced the dread of finding out we weren't on mute, or even worse - someone in our family passed behind us...with less than work appropriate attire on. Thankfully, everyone has been pretty easy going during the chaos of the pandemic. However, as we move further towards a world where working from home is more normalized, it's important to improve your WFH setup. As the early stages of WFH end we can expect the expectations of video quality, lower interruptions, and better quality calls to increase. We should expect to see more formal guides and guidelines in the not too distant future as well.

How To Prepare Your Space For Sublease

If your company is reconsidering the size of your portfolio / adapting your existing spaces for new uses, we'd highly advise you get a project management firm on board to help with that (quite selfishly). However, there are a number of other considerations you want to take into account as well. How much space do you really need for your employees now? How will that space use have shifted? For the space you're looking at subleasing, how much other space is on the market right now and what condition does it need to be in to compete with the glut of subleases on the market? Making your space sublease ready for another company's use is a critical part of subleasing for any space in today's market. There's a lot unknowns but more than ever having the right partners is critical.

Webinars We're Looking Forward To This Week...

We're looking forward to IFMA's "Adaptive Change For The Future Of Work." This webinar will take a look at adapting to change and uncertainty while doing Workplace transformation projects.

Additionally, Team Summit Is Focusing Time On…

Book Club: "American Kingpin" We're taking a few weeks to read some non-fiction. The books details the story of the Silk Road website and it's founder. It's a thrilling real life crime novel. If you're into that genre, you should check it out.

Recipe of the Week: We're cooking shakshuka. If you've never had this delicious egg and tomato dish, you're in for a treat. Try it this weekend and let us know what you think!

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