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  • Omar Ramirez

Building Sustainable Spaces & Getting Back to the Office

Building Responsibly For Sustainable & Healthy Spaces

As we begin the slow return to the office and construction of spaces continues (it never really stopped) we find it pertinent to think about the future of construction. Increasingly, clients will ask our team about LEED certification for spaces or how they can build spaces that are less impactful on the environment. As a tenant in a building there are two main opportunities to have an impact.

The first opportunity is in site selection. Selecting a site that is LEED certified or has been built to LEED standards can have a positive impact on both your energy use and on the health of your team in the space. While energy efficient systems are good for the environment and reduce energy use - upgraded air handling systems are better for occupant health and provide better indoor air quality. If this opportunity is out of reach, a second opportunity is available during construction.

During construction you can choose to build to a LEED standard or to build with LEED certification in mind. LEED certification ensures your space was built to that standard and can help reassure employees that your company is caring for the environment and their health.

A third emerging opportunity that more companies could take advantage of comes in the form of WELL or Fitwel certification. Both certifications are aimed at further improving occupant health and satisfaction. We'll talk more about this in our next newsletter.

When Will We Be Back In The Office?

While the way we use offices in the future is shifting, those of us who will be returning to the office in some form in 2021 are left asking...when can we go back? With multiple vaccines approved for use and a slow rollout beginning, we're starting to be able to see a point when the majority of the United States can get back to the office.

Even after you've set your return date, you will still need to prepare the space for the new way your company might be working. A typical light office refresh would take between 4-7 months. However, there's an additional factor to take into consideration - permitting complications. Many major metropolitan permit offices are backed up (SF included).

If you plan on returning to the office this fall and also plan to make changes to your workplace, our team recommends you begin planning immediately. When factoring in permitting delays and factors like shut downs due to on site Covid cases, our team recommends allowing 6-9 months for any improvements you plan for your workplace.

If you're feeling a little lost on where to start, our team would be happy to discuss your options with you.

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