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  • Laura Scripture

Real Estate, Remote Work & Return Readiness

In order to support the bay area workforce, Summit CM has put together a summary of the most actionable and relevant COVID related items for construction and workplace professionals. This week’s digest will focus on:

  1. Real Estate vs. Remote Work

  2. Preparing To Return: Checklists, Seating Software, and Signage

  3. Webinars we’re looking forward to this week

Feel free to respond to this letter to ask questions or request clarification for how these policies might affect your organization.

REAL ESTATE VS. REMOTE WORK: While tech giants promote remote work large deals close in NYC & VA

While Twitter and Square announce permanent WFH policies, other tech giants including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple reconsider what policies will work in the future. Who is willing to take a paycut and work from home? “The New Work From Home Policies” article takes a look at what might come next.

Gensler’s 2020 Workplace Survey and Cushman Wakefileds Survey on remote work show for the majority of employees, fully remote work simply isn’t a long-term option. Randy Howder, Gensler's Managing Director in San Francisco, makes a valid argument for how the death of the workplace has been greatly exaggerated.

PREPARING TO RETURN: Resource to help prepare companies return to the workplace

Checklists and Change Management Plans:

Space Planning Software - Manage employee traffic with a platforms such as:

Signage - Send the right message to your people:


M. Moser - Evolving design and emerging from disruption. Description: Why the office still matters

Wednesday, June 10 9:00 – 10:00am PST

Additionally, Team Summit is focusing time on…

Donating: NAACP Legal Defense Fund to show support and fight for racial justice. Charities to consider.

Book Club: Emotional Intelligence Leadership Presence: How to build the charisma, confidence, and decisiveness that top leaders project. Question: How does Emotional Intelligence change when interacting remotely?

Recipe and Cocktail of the Week: Super easy blueberry muffin recipe and Hotel Nacional: The signature drink at Havana’s historic Hotel Nacional mixes pineapple juice and apricot liqueur for a cocktail that’s smooth, fragrant and big on tropical flavor.


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