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  • Omar Ramirez

Change Management & Battling Burnout

In order to support the bay area Workplace community, Summit CM has put together a summary of the most relevant Workplace related items for construction and workplace professionals. This week’s digest will focus on:

  1. Change Management

  2. Battling Burnout

Feel free to respond to this letter to ask questions or request more information on any of these topics.

Change management during and post Covid-19

The best way to deal with change is to be prepared. Smarp’s blog takes a closer look at how you can be more prepared with a crisis management plan for employees.

Nabil Samet of MMoser talks in his recent blog about how safety, culture and team organization will be driving factors of the future of the workplace. If you’re not sure how health and well-being is part of the changing workplace, be sure to check out this article.

Lastly, be sure to look at this interview with Open Sourced Workplace where they speak with Cristina Herrera, a NYC based change management professional about how to evaluate your corporate strategy for change.

Battling Burnout: Are employees burning out due to stress and change during WFH?

Fast Company looks at how employees have adjusted to working from home, and at what challenges still lie ahead even after WFH during shelter in place starts to feel normal. It looks at how even leaders are burning out but gives some areas to focus on to help mitigate issues.

Elfreda Chan of MMoser talks about the trials of being a working parent during the Covid-19 crisis. Her honest and open approach makes this article a great insight into the challenges currently facing and ahead for employees who are WFH in a crisis.

Webinars we're looking forward to this week...

Designing resilient spaces with Metropolis Sustainability Lab. This webinar will take a look at how designers can create spaces that will endure short term shocks and have a long-lasting positive impact on people’s lives?

Missing Chicago? Stay tuned for our next newsletter where we’ll be sharing highlights from the first fully remote Neocon “Neoconnect.”

Additionally, Team Summit is focusing time on…

Book Club: Checklist Manifesto - In his latest bestseller, Atul Gawande shows what the simple idea of the checklist reveals about the complexity of our lives and how we can deal with it.

Recipe and Cocktail of the Week: We’re making homemade cherry pie and were drinking this Juneteenth punch as we observed the holiday.

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