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  • Laura Scripture

Bay Area Workplace Highlights

In order to support the bay area workforce, Summit CM has put together a summary of the most actionable and relevant COVID-19 related items for construction and workplace professionals. This week’s digest will focus on:

  1. Construction

  2. Return to the Office

  3. Future of Workspace

  4. Bay Area events we’re looking forward to this week

Feel free to respond to this letter to ask questions or request clarification for how these policies might affect your organization. Summit is eager to get the Bay back to work!

CONSTRUCTION: Bay Area counties gave all construction the go-ahead to proceed on May 4.

ENR Recap of new bay area safety standards and the local General Contractors reaction and speedy implementation in order to protect their teams. “San Francisco Area Construction To Restart May 4, But Safety Requirements Questioned

All six bay area counties and the City of Berkeley have expanded their Shelter in Place (SF) orders to include new Project Safety Protocols for Small Construction and Large Construction Safety Protocols. Protocols slightly differ from county to county so please review the county you are working in.

And finally - the SFDBI is now taking digital plans. Nothing like a pandemic to kick some of us into the 21st century.

BACK TO THE OFFICE: Cleaning up our act - going back to work in a post COVID world.

The CDC has provided detailed guidelines on cleaning and disinfecting community facilities. This Robin Powered blog is a bit more palatable take on the gov’t guidelines. “How to Make your Office Safer for Everyone During COVID-19

Robin Powered also gives great guidance on how office space desks could be laid out in order to meet COVID protocol. “How to plan your office seating chart using physical distancing

"A Hackers Guide for a Post COVID workspace” by Blitz Design Group provides a visual breakdown of physically distance workplace solutions.

FUTURE OF WORKPLACE: New world solutions for the next generation of challenges.

Smith Architectural group outlines a process for organizations to begin to welcome employees back to their workplace. “A Holistic Approach for Returning to the Office

Gensler Blog: long term ideas and solutions for the future of workspace. “How Should Office Buildings Change in a Post-Pandemic World?

Thought leaders in architecture and design hypothesize about what office space could be. Is it a mud room in reception to take your temperate or plexiglass cubicles to act as giant sneeze guards? “FastCompany: How Covid-19 will change your open office”.


SPUR: San Francisco + San José + Oakland The Future of Public Transit after COVID-19 | 5:00 p.m. Thursday, May 21, 2020. Webinar.

IIDA CA “State of Commercial Interior Design in California” | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Wednesday, May 2020. Webinar.

Additionally, Team Summit is taking time to develop other skills including:


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