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Overview of Services

Summit CM focuses on 3rd party Construction Management.  We believe we can best serve our clients by working with the team from the start to identify pro’s and con’s of potential locations, bring on great team members and develop a plan for construction and execution of the whole space together.

Our extensive experience working with a wide variety of tenants allows us to support thoughtful spending  to maximize each unique space.  We understand the constraints around different types of building and systems, and are adept at working with teams to meet project specific requirements.

The Summit team brings a diverse range of backgrounds in construction and architecture, which  enables us to ask the right questions.  We also have a diverse group of  clients which allows us to share knowledge from past experiences. 

We enjoy our work --  and people enjoy working with us!  We take pride in building strong teams that work well together to achieve budgets and schedules that might not otherwise be possible.

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